Sendero Physiotherapy

Sendero Physiotherapy delivers quality, customised therapy in your home, outdoors or community. Our experienced physiotherapist comes to you, wherever you are in Adelaide. If you are having problems moving around, or simply want to get more out of your life; follow the orange path and give us a call today.


Our philosophy is to help you work towards the things that are meaningful, not only independence but also participation in activities that you enjoy like fishing, gardening or walking along the beach.  We help you move more easily so you regain confidence and therefore enjoy things that you love. Our aim is to leave you with a clear path to continue to work towards, so you can achieve your long-term goals after therapy has ended.

Sendero Physiotherapy has an emphasis on normal movement, efficiency, ergonomics and prevention. We believe that analysing the way humans move can improve the way you carry out everyday tasks and recreational activities more effectively. Therefore, your physiotherapist will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the way you move and consequently customise your therapy. Furthermore, we will provide recommendations for your home, workplace and recreational activities to ensure every aspect of your life is covered. Your physio will work collaboratively with you, your family, friends, carers and other people that assist you (gym instructors, health professionals, employers, etc) to achieve your goals, wherever they may be.