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Lucrecia Sergi: Physiotherapist

Registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)

Member of Therapeutic Horticulture Australia

Australian Therapeutic Horticulture

Enabling people living with a disability for over 22 years!

Hi there, I am Lucrecia.

I was born, raised and trained in Argentina. I came to beautiful Adelaide in 2004. I come from a land of “tie it up with wire”, as we say because we have to mend things with what it’s available to us. This has made me a resourceful problem solver by nature (you don’t survive in a 3rd world country if you are not), which has been very handy as a physio believe it or not. I value experience and hard work, particularly in my beautiful profession that I love and work so hard to progress. I have studied a lot, been to plenty of good quality courses (see below Bobath Concept) and continue to improve my skills because I strongly believe that you learn something new every day. My patients and Uni students have been a recurrent source of learning!

Favourite pastime: I love being amongst nature and spending quality time with my family. I love gardening and I grow my veggie patch to live a more sustainable life. I enjoy taking my dog Conga for walks in the Sturt gorge and that soothes my soul. In my holidays, you will find me somewhere quiet, surrounded by amazing landscapes with my family.

Love: nature, animals, my kids laughing together, sharing a coffee with my husband (he is the best coffee maker), good healthy food and wine, love stories of any shape or form, and that warm fuzzy feeling when I help someone achieve their goals.

I dislike: seeing how we are destroying our planet, injustice and dishonesty in any shape or form, burnt coffee, knowing that I could have helped someone but wasn’t given the chance.

Favourite colour: orange. I have orange anything!

Favourite food: organic salad from my veggie patch, mate (Argentinian green tea) & good company (includes nature), a good steak (I am Argentinian after all) with hubby’s sweet potato chips.

Other interests: gardening and sustainable living, documentaries, geology, astronomy, psychology and languages.

For more detailed information about my professional life read here.

Why choose Sendero Physiotherapy?

Experience and knowledge: Our Physiotherapist Lucrecia has over 22 years experience working with people with disabilities, she knows the market and providers well. The good and the bad. You won’t be treated by a new graduate with limited skills or knowledge on your condition. Having experience and knowledge means working more efficiently and effectively. We won’t be spending hours and funds trialling things that won’t work. The therapy is targeted, so you will get results quicker.
We believe in continuous upskilling so your physio Lucrecia spends time and resources learning new techniques and attending courses to help you achieve your goals.

Continuity of care: You will be treated by the owner and Senior Physiotherapist Lucrecia during all your appointments. This means you won’t have to say goodbye to your therapist as they move on to other jobs. This allows continuity of care and building relationships with your physio. You will have an allocated time and day that works around your lifestyle. You organise your appointments with your physio, no dealing with admin or call centres. Quick and easy, flick a text or call your physio if you need to change your appointment. No fuzz.

Personalised and client centred approach: it’s all about you; really. YOUR goals, YOUR therapy in order to achieve your potential. Every person is different and your physio Lucrecia will treat each and every person according to their needs. Some people are more independent, others need a helping hand. It’s okay to be different, we will embrace that! No blank exercise programs because “one size doesn’t fit all”. Red tape, what is that?? No need to check with managers and rigid policies that limit your potential. We are reasonable and sensible whilst keeping everybody safe. Want your session at the beach? Let’s do it now !!

Technology: we love technology so your physio is equipped with the latest products to ensure your therapy sessions are fully utilised to your benefit. Apps for exercises, on the go emails, videos of your exercises, slow motion analysis, and looking through equipment while you rest in your session are some of the advantages of having the latest technology. This means you get more time with the physio and your sessions are packed with resources you can use to enhance your therapy.

Efficiency: more technology means less paperwork!! Yay !!! We keep non face to face billing to a minimum, and you won’t be charged for clinical notes either. This means you have more time for therapy, and that is how we like it.
If you need assistive technology/ equipment, your physio Lucrecia can assist with this too. Avoid double ups in assessments, or being placed in a waiting list for another therapist.

Cost effective: Our fees are lower than NDIS price list fees. Why? Well, efficiencies + technology + experience + continuity of care = less time sitting in the office. No big offices and admin staff that increase our fees either. So you are not paying for a manager creating policies and procedures about things that don’t relate to your therapy. This means your budget can get further as we believe in continuity of care throughout the whole year.

Mobile physiotherapist = Therapy in the home, work or outdoors in nature. Don’t need to worry about transport or using supports to take you to appointments. Your therapy will be at home, where it’s easy to assess and practice your goals. But does this it mean you don’t get the fancy equipment clinics have? On the contrary, your physio carries as much equipment as you will have in a rehab gym. Besides we believe in functional exercises. This means exercises that look like everyday activities you do, but a bit harder to ensure you improve.

Integrity: We are a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Honesty and transparency are our core values. Our fees are transparent and consistent to ensure your budget gets further.

Environmentally friendly: we are very proud to offer environmentally friendly services. We run a paperless business, our technology is powered by solar energy and we use a battery-operated car. We also love your pets and we are happy for them to be present during your sessions. And we love nature too!!! Look at our pathways to nature program.

Bobath Concept

The Bobath Concept is a treatment approach which focuses on improving the quality of movement of an individual to maximise their ability to function in day-to-day activities. The aim is to assess each individual’s potential and then design a treatment plan specifically for them. The central nervous system has the potential to adapt and learn through its complex interconnections and it is partly through understanding these connections that the Bobath Concept is so successful throughout the world. The Bobath Concept is a problem-solving approach to the assessment and treatment of individuals with neurological problems and is based on specialist knowledge of how the brain repairs itself, acquiring skills in functional movement analysis in addition to the specialist handling skills of the therapist. It focuses on improving the quality of movement in order to maximise a person’s ability to do everyday activities. It teaches people to move in the most efficient way possible, so that they can conserve energy and move more easily.  The concept views the person holistically taking into account cognitive, emotional and behavioural factors in addition to the physical ones.

Bobath therapists use specialised handling skills to facilitate normal movement patterns (qualitative aspects of movement) until independent control of the body is achieved.  They adapt the treatment environment to help people achieve successful movement or reduce the physical demands of a task.  They help people to access movement by becoming more aware of how they move.