What do we do?

We  don’t  treat  conditions  or  pathologies;
we  help  people  achieve  their  goals
through  improving  the  quality  and
efficiency  of  their  movement.
Therapy in the home/community: Intensive rehabilitation, low stream rehabilitation, exercise prescription for you to do independently at home.
Pathways to Nature: Physiotherapy in Nature.
Falls prevention: Education, tailored exercises, prescription of equipment or modifications to the environment, training on getting up from the floor.
Mobility assessments: In-depth gait assessment. Tailored exercises based on findings. Equipment prescription.
LSVT BIG for Parkinson’s disease: Intensive 4-week exercise program specific to Parkinson’s disease, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy and Multiple System Atrophy.
Upper limb function: Exercises towards increasing function of arms and hands, equipment prescription.
Pilates (NEW PORTABLE REFORMER): Education and exercise prescription of simple exercises that can be done at home.
Pain management: Low back, neck, shoulder, wrists. Pain prevention, education and equipment prescription
Hydrotherapy: exercise program prescription at facilities arranged by client.
Postural assessments: Assessment and recommendation of appropriate bed/mattress and seating (wheelchairs, comfort chairs, recliners, etc). Prescription of equipment.
Transfer assessments/plans: Education and training to family and carers. Transfer plans for carer agencies. Equipment prescription.
Education: for free useful tips press here
Orthotics, splinting and custom shoes prescriptions
Equipment prescription/Assistive Technology: Mobility aids (walkers and sticks), wheelchairs (basic and complex customised), lifters and slings, seating, cushions, shower chairs, toilet seat raisers.
Work site assessments: Assessments and recommendations at worksites. Assistance with work insertion.
Telehealth: provide rehabilitation via internet.
Advice and support:
  • Teach carers about the best way to move and handle you
  • Education and advise about your condition
  • Referral to other professionals
  • Help prevent secondary complications (contractures, pressure sores, chest infections)
  • Assistance with equipment options and other form of supports

At Sendero Physiotherapy we can assist you by providing a functional and holistic assessment, advice and therapy in the comfort of your own home, workplace, day program or preferred outdoor location. Our treatment is specifically targeted to stimulate the nervous system to reorganise itself in a way that restores movement and function regardless of whether there is a neurological condition. Everything we work on will ultimately be based on function.

Functional examples of what we can help with

  • Want to get more out of life?
  • Want to stay living independently at home for longer?
  • Are you living in a nursing home and want to go back home?
  • Are you caring for a loved one and need training on transfers and recommendations on how to do things more easily/safely?
  • Had recent surgery and want to get back to your normal life?
  • Is your balance failing you and you want to be able to go for a walk on the beach or play boules?
  • Do you have limitations to your range of movement and can’t get into your fishing boat/caravan like you used to?
  • Are you having back pain and would like a therapist to check your home/work/recreational venue at the same time as providing you with therapy?
  • Are you falling or fearful of falling?
  • Would you like to improve:
    • your walking?
    • the way you get into the car?
    • the time it takes you to get ready in the morning?
  • Do you live with a disability and want a burst of therapy to improve your overall mobility?